Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Summer Pictures!

These are some pictures Anna took of her sisters recently. The first one is a picture of everyone, including me, who got a haircut one day.


Amber Almanzar said...

They are beautiful!!!
I found your blog in search of large families in MI. We are a family of 6 (7 in Feb!!!) and are moving to the Holland area in Dec. I was just feeling like I needed some likeminded fellowship :). It can be hard to find.

Katie said...

I'm curious if you've been following the Reuters series on children who have been "rehomed." http://www.reuters.com/investigates/adoption/#article/part3 The video about the 9-year-old Liberian girl with PTSD who had been transferred through 4 homes in a year was chilling. I was wondering if you still keep in touch with the children you adopted, if you went through normal legal channels to adopt, and if you have any thoughts on this series.