Sunday, July 14, 2013

Amalea's Accident

Yesterday was a rough day, but I am thankfully reminded that it was not as bad as last year and Truman's accident. However, I think having gone through what we did with Truman it was more difficult than it would have been because Cameron and I were dealing not only with the emergency, but also all of our traumatic memories.

We were helping good friends of ours move yesterday. It was about 2 pm and I was in our friends' daughter's bedroom with all of our girls, keeping my kids from underfoot. I set Ami down so I could open the window because it was getting pretty warm in there and as soon as I pushed it open it fell down on Amalea's finger. It is one of those older homes out in the country with all of the original woodwork and the windows are wooden and heavy. Amalea started to scream and I saw that her finger was caught. I lifted the window, saw that her finger was not only bleeding but completely chopped in half from the cuticle on, grabbed her under the armpits and ran to Cameron screaming. He took one look at it and we started to get ready to go to the hospital and made arrangements for our other kids. I immediately started to panic and I know it was because such a flood of emotions and memories came rushing at me from last year. I drove and Cameron rode in the back with Amalea in order to hold her hand so she couldn't do any more damage to it. We took Truman and Semaiah with us. Thankfully, my friend's aunt gave us directions to the freeway because I had no idea where I was going and couldn't think clearly.

Poor Ami screamed the entire way to the hospital. It was the longest drive of our lives. There were so many 2 lane, winding back roads to go through until we got to the freeway. Amalea was in so much pain she was shaking and biting her other fist. I felt so helpless and I know Cameron did, too. All we could do was pray. I was praying that God would move cars out of my way, that He would make them go faster, and that He would relieve my baby of her pain. At one point, I passed a car, shaking from the adrenaline, praying that another car wouldn't be coming in the opposite direction. I came up to lights and wondered if I should run them. On the freeway, I was speeding, praying for our safety and praying we didn't get stopped. My only thoughts were to get Ami some pain relief. At one point, some comic relief, Truman saw a lake and said, "Mommy, water! Mommy, I go water?" I said, "No, Truman, no water," as I thought to myself that he is blissfully clueless about what happened to him last year and had no idea what was going on with Amalea. (Indeed, Semaiah fell asleep on the way to the hospital and when we got there we discovered she only had 1 shoe on and we still don't know where the other one is!).

Thankfully, when we got to the hospital they gave Amalea some pain medication right away and wrapped up her finger up so that she couldn't touch it. She had calmed down some by this point but we knew that she was still in a lot of pain. They took an x-ray and thankfully the bone was not broken. However, the tip of her finger down to her cuticle was severed and hanging on in the back by a millimeter of skin! Babies' fingers are chubbier and the bone doesn't go to the tip like ours. The ER drs. called a plastic surgeon. He came to look at it and when I asked him how it looked he said, "It's oooo-kaaay," and Cameron and I knew it was pretty bad. However, he was optimistic and told us that he was going to try to reattach it. The hard part was that we had to wait 4 hours from the time Ami last ate--which was around 2. The next 4 hours were so difficult trying to keep Amalea distracted and happy. I knew she was so hungry and I couldn't nurse her and I knew she would not fall asleep despite her fatigue because I always nurse her to sleep. Finally around 6:45 they took us to the operating/procedure room. They started an IV and then I left--I could not watch. Cameron stayed with her. They gave her ketamine to consciously sedate her and told us it would not knock her out, but would probably make her sleep. Well, after 1 dose she was still moving all around and talking. They waited awhile and she would not settle in. So, they gave her another dose. Nothing. She was still talking and moving! They gave her Versed and she settled down so that she was still enough that they could work on her finger but she talked through the entire thing! She was saying, "da-da" and blowing raspberries and yelling out (the finger was numbed). I could hear her out in the waiting room! The dr. said she has never seen a baby NOT fall asleep! We have always known Ami was pretty feisty--just like our Elyse--but when Elyse needed stitches the Ketamine knocked her right out within minutes and she was snoring! No, Amalea is one determined little girl, already walking at 10 months. She is opposite in personality to Truman, who is gentle, sweet and mild-mannered. She has a temper and is stubborn! LOL! Nursing is a challenge, to say the least, because of her acrobatic poses. My other children think it is pretty comical to watch her nurse--not so much for me because I am the one who has to wrestle her and keep her still every time!

After they sewed her finger back on, they put sort of a cast on it and wrapped it all up so that she could not get to it. She was so crabby by this point. They finally allowed me to nurse her and within 30 seconds she was asleep. We left about 15 minutes later to go home. As we were getting in the car the cast/bandage job slid right off! We were in such shock, but so thankful that we were still at the hospital. We went back in and had to have it re-bandaged. Finally, around 9:30, so tired and hungry, we headed home. I forgot to mention that Cameron had been on-call the night before and had only had 3 hours of sleep!

I was able to look at Ami's finger when the bandage came off and I was so impressed with how good it looked! I was also shocked to see just how little skin held the entire tip of her finger on. I knew it was bad, but I was shocked to see just how bad. We have a picture of the x-ray and you can see that the tip was almost completely severed. Poor baby.

The room that Amalea had her finger worked on was next to the procedure room in which Truman was when the ambulance brought him in. It was very emotional for Cameron and I to be in there. I sat in the same waiting room in which we sat while Tru was in the ER and a flood of memories came back. The nurse who helped with the reattachment of the finger remembered Truman--all I had to do was say his name!--and she said, "He is a miracle." She cannot believe that today he is a normal little boy.

Today, Cameron took the oldest 6 kids to church and I am resting at home with Amalie and Tru. They are both napping. She doesn't seem to be in any pain and doesn't seem to mind her bandage. I am glad she isn't crawling anymore so she doesn't have to use that hand. The finger that was injured was her ring finger on her left hand.

We go back to the plastic surgeon in a week to see if they were able to save that finger. The surgeon was pretty confident that it will be fine. She may have issues with her nail growing normal. If the finger doesn't do well there are several options we can discuss then. I am just so thankful that she is no longer in pain!

Thank you all for praying for us when I asked yesterday on facebook. It is SO comforting to know that people are praying and care about our little girl.

In Christ, Laura


Abby said...

Laura I was sitting with Steve last night on the couch and he had his phone and he said with big eyes, "Abby look!" and showed me his phone which was on facebook and I saw your name and I said, "OH NO!" and my heart started to race. When I got to the part about a finger, I just sighed a HUGE sigh of relief. I know it's not just a finger, it's your precious babies finger and it was a lot of pain for her to go through, but compared to what you went through with Tru, it's not so bad! I'm so glad you got through it and I pray it was a successful reattachment! Love ya'll! A

Growing Together said...

Hey Lady! Love you girlie. Praying for you. Take care.

Denvermommy said...

I'm so glad she's okay! I pray it heals well!


Miranda said...

Hate that I missed this because of not being on FB! :( But I am so thankful the Lord continues to provide and give grace for you all and the babies - even in your continued process and healing of Tru's accident. We will pray for quick healing! Miss and love you!

Miranda said...

I hate that I missed this with not being on FB :( But I am so thankful God continues to providentially care for you and your babies. Even how he used this to help you keep processing/heal from tru's accident. He is faithful! Love and miss you all. We will be praying for quick healing!

S.E. Painter said...

I am so thankful that this turned out okay. I am sure it was a lot to process, but I'm thankful for our Father in heaven being with you the entire time!

~Nicole~ said...

I am so glad she is sorry I missed this update, I really do not check my blogger page that often! Praying everything has healed nicely..

Missy said...

I like to take a look at your blog every once in a while, after becoming familiar with it through Truman. So, I just checked in and there is no update to your little girl's finger. What has happened? How is the recovery? Was she able to keep it?