Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Second Wedding Comes Out of Truman's Accident!

No, I am not kidding! Isn't God great? Another wedding is happening as a result of Truman's accident. This week our friend Sarah, who is Katie's oldest sister (the Katie who flew up to care for our children during Truman's accident) said "Yes!" when Robert, a gentleman in our church, asked her to marry him! They were introduced to each other when Katie and Sarah were visiting in February at an engagement party for Raphael and Katie. However, it was not until April that they first started talking at luncheon at our house when Katie and Sarah were visiting for Truman's big birthday bash. God had all of this planned when Truman drowned! He had all of this good planned to show His glory and that He can be trusted even during the worst trials of our lives!

We are SO excited for Robert and Sarah and know that God has amazing things planned for them. To God be the glory! Robert and Sarah will be married on September 21st. Not only will we have the 2 sisters in our church, but they will be married to guys who have known each other for other 10 years!

In Christ, Laura


Andy and Sheryl said...

This thrills my soul! Love it when God chooses to show us examples of His goodness through our sufferings. Sometimes we won't know until the other side, but sometimes He shows us here on earth! And Andy just mentioned what an awesome way the Lord is honoring Katie's servant's heart to your family back then. The blessings just keep coming. Praise Him!

Maren Hansen said...

That is so amazing and wonderful. Especially in world where people value marriage less and less. Congrats to them both! And so happy Amalea's finger is healing. What a wonderful blessing.