Friday, May 25, 2012


5/25/2012 8:00am: Truman had a fantastic night. His breathing has improved significantly. He does not require any extra oxygen or humidified air. He is starting to cough and swallow more consistently. For the first time since we have been in the ICU, Truman “shared” a nurse with another patient. In other words he no longer requires one-on-one nursing care! His attending doctor this morning said Truman is the most stable patient on the unit. Amazing! Just a week ago he was on an oscillating vent!
Last night I returned to his room with Anna and Jonas after getting some beverages and found him cooing at my parents. His awake times are lasting longer and he is focusing on us more. He has even smiled a few times! This is a joy that cannot be described. Last night I (Cameron) was able to hold him for an hour. Initially we had him sitting straight up which really helped with getting him to cough up the junk in his lungs. What struck me was just how weak Truman is. He can lift his arms and move his head around a bit but he has no core strength. He is unable to support his head and can’t sit up. With regard to strength he is like a newborn baby. We have a long road ahead of us – one that we are so thankful to be on – but long nonetheless. A portion of his fatigue and weakness is due to deconditioning (laying in a bed for over a week) but another component is brain injury. How much of each is contributing is difficult to say. Regardless, at this point it is all about REHAB. Thank God we are at this point!!! As I type this Truman’s nurse came to his bedside and started talking to him. His face lit up with a huge smile. I wish you could all see it.
Specific prayer requests for today: They are going to put in a new feeding tube, nose to stomach. This will be his primary source of nutrition for a little while. However, they also mentioned trying a bottle today. It would be a HUGE blessing if he is able to suck and swallow. This would mean very little need for tube feeds. Please pray that the tube placement goes well and that he can drink a bottle safely and well. Truman is also going to be evaluated by the PM&R (Physical medicine and rehabilitation) doctors today. Please pray for God-given wisdom for them as they determine how to help get our little Truman back to full throttle.


Carissa said...

Tears of joy for your family!!!!

Glory be to God!!!!

We are so thankful.
Carissa in Indiana

...from the Inside Out said...

Praise God! I have been praying for your precious baby boy. I will continue to pray for healing and that he is able to take the bottle.

May He continue to show you His presence as you walk down this long road!

JOYfully in Him,

Jennifer P said...

Prayer covers all. Praises for progress.

The Kellys said...

So very happy to hear this news! Prayers for continued healing and many more smiles!

jsweeNC said...

Rejoicing with you, praising God for each small step
Continuing to pray with you through what lies ahead
With you in spirit, all day every day

(((((((((In His grip))))))))))

for the Eaker family, FBCDurham

dkt said...

I can't wait to see a picture of that cute little smile!!! I am SO thrilled to hear about it!! To God be the glory, great things HE has done!!! Blessings to you!!!


Casey S said...

The progress reports filled with good news are music to my ears! I will continue to pray for Truman and keep all of you in my thoughts! Keep up the great work baby Tru!

Unknown said...

Wrote Wow, what an ordeal! However, I am praising The Lord for his miracles and the ones to come. I will be praying for a continued recovery right through to a full restoration. God bless you & your family and continue to give you strength. we lift Truman up in the al powerful name of Jesus!

Cathy said...

Hi Cameron and Laura,
I cannot tell you just how emotionally involved I have been with your situation and love little Truman. I'm crying over this post because I am so happy that you and we can see the improvement in Truman and the hope that reigns! We all have our struggles in life, but there is life! As long as Truman has life, and you are seeing improvments there is HOPE!

I will let my daughters and grandchildren that have been praying for Truman know of his current prayer requests and Rejoicing! ♥♥♥

F. Erickson said...

Truly a miracle. God bless you all.

Lilyofthevalley - Tanya said...

Praise the Lord!!! Will keep praying for your precious little one to recover.

May the Lord be with you during this time, so
happy to read the hope in your words today. :) the Lord is good!

Lisa said...

Continuing to pray for you sweet little guy, and so happy at the good progress!

Lisa H.

Joy said...

It's so wonderful to read of each encouraging improvement! We will continue to pray for complete healing.

♥Joy and family

Mama D’s Dozen said...

Rejoicing with you!

Laurel :)

Amanda said...

It is amazing that he is able to smile amidst such a terrible tradegy. Children are so resiliant and free spirited, and it is this that will hopefully help him overcome his accident. I am sure being in your loving arms once again warmed his spirits immensley. I am following your updates persistently and ache for your pain.
Mandy, Vista, California