Sunday, March 4, 2012

Three More Days!!!

This Wednesday, Cameron is going to do an ultrasound to tell us whether we are having a boy or a girl! We are all so excited! The kids and I will meet Cameron at his office at the end of his work day. In the past, it has been so nice for us to find out the baby's gender together as a family.

So, what do you think the baby is? I am certain this one is a girl. However, I will tell you that the one other time that I was "certain" (which was with Elyse and I just KNEW she was a boy) I was wrong! Whenever I have had just a small inkling, I have been right. Seems the more convinced I feel the farther I am from being right! Thus far, this pregnancy has followed the tendency I have with my girls--to crave fruits and veggies and have an aversion, or indifference, toward meat. With the boys, I craved spicy foods and lots of meat. We'll see!

Yesterday, we went to a book sale at the library, and also checked out some books. The library kindly told me that I only had to pay $1.00 a visit in order to pay off our $43.00 in fines! WHAT?! I was shocked, but after reflecting on it for a minute, really I was not that surprised. Library due dates just never fall on days that are convenient for me. So, we haven't been to the library since last summer. But, I have turned over a new leaf and I have resolved to be much better at returning books! Please tell me I am not alone in accruing massive library fines! I have had to pay for a book that got left in the rain and a book that had water spilled on it on the way to the library to be returned! I just want to know how they can prove that all that damage was really us and not someone before us? Maybe the book was on its last leg and we were just the final straw. One of the books that Jonas checked out yesterday already fell apart. I almost called the library to tell them that it wasn't us, really!, but how can I prove it? I asked Jonas and he said it was like that when we checked it out. If that's the case, then why did they let us check it out and how can I avoid the blame? How do I know I haven't been paying for books all along that we did no damage to (except that one that got left in the rain). I guess it is pretty bad when the librarian calls your home and says she knows who you are (do we really stick out that much??) and knows that you would never knowingly return a book that was damaged and can you explain? Yikes. Well, at least she gave me the benefit of the doubt. So, after avoiding the library for more than half a year I bravely ventured back yesterday and have resolved to be the model patron of the library! :)

I checked out some cookbooks, as well as a few baby name books. Does anyone else have difficulty in choosing a name? The problem is the more children Cameron and I have, the less we agree. What usually happens is that I throw out a whole bunch of names and Cameron vetoes almost all of them. The ones he doesn't reject are names that I am lukewarm about. Also, there are names that sound similar to the names we have already chosen. Eloise and Elyse? Anna and Anneke? Can't do it. I need a baby naming expert to help us choose a fitting name, one that sounds nice, flows with our last name and fits the style of our other baby names--like one of those design experts at the stores that helps you match clothes or curtains to your rug or whatever. Can anyone help? ;)

So, I would love to hear your vote on whether you think we are having a boy or a girl, as well as ANY suggestions you have for baby names. We try to stay away from names that are over-used, and Cameron does a good job of telling me which names he hears used frequently when he delivers babies, but when you like a name, does it really matter? Also, meaning has always been very important to us, but what if you really like a name that has an insignificant meaning? Do you toss it out? Do you choose a name that you don't like as much just because it has a cool meaning? I would love your thoughts on this!

Check back Wednesday evening for the news! But leave me a name suggestion first! LOL!

In Christ, Laura


Leah F said...

I am NEVER any good about guessing a baby's gender, but I will go with your gut and say girl :-)

As for names, I find it hard to make recommendations for your family especially because I know you value meaning and I have no idea what most names mean! As you know, our kids are named Georgia, Baxter and Eleanor, which mean farmer, baker, and pity/light/or some variation of such. We did not pick their names because of what the words themselves meant (or their etymology) as much as how they affected us and what they meant to us. Does that make any sense? So we didn't choose Georgia because we liked the term farmer, but because we are from the state of Georgia (yes, it's true--that's what made us think of the name, at least) and we love the elegant, classic, unusual-but-not-too-strange-yet-vaguely-familiar name.

So I'm no help. We have started over with a new list with each baby, even though we have alternated genders and could just use the 'rejected name' of the previous baby (i.e., what we would have named G if she had been male). Yeah, that didn't happen. It was back to the drawing board each time.

Names I have heard recently that I like: Cadence, Calista, Kesslyn, Keira. Sorry for the alliteration--it just happened that way! Can't wait to learn what you are having.

laura mouro said...

Leah, we also choose names that may not have a cool meaning, but special significance to us, but for our children' middle names. At least that is how it has gone so far. Middle names in order: Sofya, Antelo, Bragan, Rozen, Aleeya, Danielle and Francis.

We also start the list over for each child. I don't know why, but that's just how it goes. We almost named Katria, Keira. I like that name. My tastes this time are leaning toward old-lady names. LOL!

So, did you enjoy Downtown Abbey this season? Will there be a season 3? I hope so!

Love, Laura

Jennifer P said...

I call library fines my allowance. I don't get allowance, I pay it. All the time! You are definitely not alone. Boy, girl, no boy, wait a minute maybe a girl. One or the other, I'm sure of it. :)

Marjorie said...

I avoid the library because I can not get books in on time and always end up accruing a huge fine... I think I have like $20 that I owe right now... I tried to pay it off one time, but the system was down. How obnoxious. Anyway...

As for the name... I won't tell you the names we have picked out (baby girl due in June - it's our first!) but you could try - I don't know if you've heard of it, but basically you enter the names you like and using a complex algorithm it gives you suggestions based on names you submitted. :)
Blessings! Enjoy hanging out with your baby and finding out if you're thinking pink or blue!

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

If your taste is leaning toward old lady names, a couple of my friends chose beautiful old lady names for their girls (the kids are cousins).


Their brothers names are "old man" names:

Hudson (last name Taylor ... classic)

More of their cousins:

Clifford (boy)
Delayne (girl)

I think they are all pretty classic names ... not odd or weird, but just plain classy (and they have totally classy mamas, too ... names Jasmine and Shilo)

Just some fun ideas.


laura mouro said...

Marjorie, yes Nymbler is fun!

Laurel, I really like Pearl--I just read Scarlett Letter--and I mentioned it to Cameron and he vetoed it. He has name he likes, and I like it, too--for a girl--but it doesn't have a great meaning. For a boy, we have 2 or 3 names picked out. I also like Hudson, and Cameron vetoed that, as well! LOL! Can't wait til Wednesday!

Amy said...

Laura, these are some of my names I liked that my husband vetoed. :)

Girls: Kyra, Rae Ann, Kylynn, Joya, Myka, Cheyenne, Shiloh, Taryn, Kennedy, Kherington, Aadra

Boys: Dominic, Bryson, Jeffrey, Scott, Mason, Greyson, Clayton

BTW - Our kids have more popular names--I tend to lean towards the unique while he likes the common names. :) Have fun coming up with names for #8!

Virginia said...

All of our children have names that have meaning to my husband and I. Our oldest is Liberty Dawn. Second is Reuben David. Third is Kaylee Jean (her first name is my middle name and my husbands' middle name put together) and last is Connor Frank. Go for names that mean something to you and your family.

Kathy said...

I just returned from the library where my card was rejected at the self-checkout. What I thought was a $9 fine (that I admit I'd been sitting on), had just turned into a $14 fine. I knew the stuff I was turning in was due soon, I just didn't realize I had moved past the grace period. Anyway, I finally paid the fine (actually had it on me) and we checked out the next book. :-) It does help me a lot to renew things online and I receive e-mail notifications of due dates. I just have to pay attention to them...

Tonya said...

I'm going with your gut and saying you'll have a girl. We are in the same dilemma and cannot seem to agree on baby #4's name. Our girls have "old lady" names- named after grand and great grandparents Caroline McCuen, Mary Grace, and Naomi Elizabeth. I love the name Margaret and Sarah Jane, but I can't get anyone else in the family to bite. Trying to convince hubby to name this one after him...Anderson for boy and Sarah or Margaret Anderson for girl, but we'd call her "Andi." Really hoping he goes for one of those because I'm tapped out for names I could live with for a life time. ;-) I LOVE finding out early; enjoy the surprise on Wednesday!

Jenny said...

Well, I'm glad I'm not alone on the library fines! I have $8 and my son's card (which isn't his fault...I'm the driver who returns the books...) has a few dollars and it really bugs me! I am a hit or miss library patron...but I looove the library. I WANT to be a good customer who returns on time! : )

Names are tough. My husband has vetoed all names except the four we birthed...haha! But we have all boys and I figure that he has a better handle on what a boy would prefer.

I'm excited to hear about your ultrasound! I'm going to guess boy.

me said...

and we always always always have a library fine. i broke down and just bought some books recently that i would have normally checked out of the library. I figured I'd have ridiculous fines anyway.

Dorsey said...

How exciting to be finding out what number 8 is, that it what I'm waiting for too; only for me it is grandchild number 8. My name suggestion is Freya, just love that name and Norah. We've used them for two of Daniela's dollies and just ++LOVE++ Freya, but Audra cannot be convinced to use either of them. Sylvia or Sylvie is another favorite of mine too. Good luck with finding the perfect name.

Beth said...

Hi Laura,

We know two people recently who had baby girls named Julia. Very pretty and elegant. One of my favorite boy names is Luke. Plus since Cameron is a doctor, and Saint Luke is also the patron saint of physicians, that could be a cool connection.

laura mouro said...

Beth, I love both Julia and Luke/Lucas. I had a great-aunt Julia and we have considered this name almost every time we have a girl. It is on the list this time. Cameron vetoed Lucas because of how many he has delievered--it seems to be such a popular name right now, for good reason! :)

Mrs. Korte, I really like Norah, but alas, it doesn't sound so good with our last name. Kind of like my first and last name together. Grrrrr . . . . :)

laura mouro said...

I am SO glad I am not the only one with overdue fines, but so far, I think I have everyone beat at $43!

~Nicole~ said...

I will go with your gut and say girl!

I have a hunch I'm also having a girl, but lots of people have also guessed that based off the heartbeat. You know, the "myth" that a high heartbeat equals girl. Who knows! The names we have picked out don't really have meaning but just ones that we picked out one evening and we may add more still...

Girl: Chloe, Kylie, Kaylee or Macy
Boy: Anthony, Caleb, Wyatt, Aiden

I keep thinking I have a favorite but then think of another and am torn!

Heather Wiegand said...

Eliana is voting for a girl. Have fun today!

I like Samuel/Sarah, I also like Julia, one of my best friends here in Colorado has Kianna, Calina, Portia, Falyssa, Henna for girls and Jereth, Rylan, Darius for boys. I'm not sure what they'll do for #9. :)

God will give you the perfect name.

Miranda said...

You can bet I'll be checking back here later today :) I say's a new season and maybe Tru will get a little buddy close to his age! And I've told you a few of my fav names but they were all girl names. I will have to think on boy names and get back with you but I just love Truman's name. Love you and praying today is a sweet time together as you find out about baby eight!

Abby said...

Laura, I can't believe your pregnant again! Since we were pregnant at the same time with our last babies it makes me think about me being pregnant again-I'm not! :) Nursing is just about ending due to my milk drying up with a very limited diet I just started to heal my intestinal issues. So that could mean baby again soon, but I'm hoping for a few months to get through this diet and get my health back on track! I love babies and children so much and pregnancy, despite all the difficulties I have in pregnancy! I hope in a few months we will get to look forward to another baby as well! I pray for a healthy pregnancy and delivery! Looking forward to hearing what it will be! I think girl :)

asgue said...

Laura! I am THE worst Library patron - always, the librarians at THE SOUTH FORSYTH library in Georgia are just plain mean! (I'm feeling a little bold today...) I actually am embarrassed to go into the library because I had such a large fine once and they were SOOOO mean about it. And you know why they were late? Gracie was born! Give me a break! Once I promised them I had already returned a book they said was overdue....I was super insistent in fact....until I found it the next day while cleaning out my car. It had fallen beside the door on our way to return them I guess. I had to return it feeling super sheepish...but c'mon. Alright, just had to vent when it seems like I am around fellow horrible library peeps.

Bella also is turning out to be not such a great pen pal....she keeps coming up to me saying, "Poor Elyse! I keep forgetting to write to her!" So...tell your sweet girl she is on Bella's mind and a letter will be heading her way soon.

Miss you,