Sunday, March 11, 2012

Baby Girl Names

Everybody likes to talk about baby names, right? Except husbands. Isn't your husband like that? Cameron will veto a name or tell me if "it's alright", but that's about it. But women? We love to discuss baby names! So, I will have to get my baby name fix here.

I think that the more children one has, the harder it becomes to choose a name. We did not choose Truman's name until the week he was born! Truman was not even on our list! We had 3 names picked out: one name I had picked, one name Cameron had picked, and one name that had been on our list if we ever had a boy since I was pregnant with Katria that my brother and his wife named their little guy, our nephew, who was born 6 days before Truman! That really sent us scrambling for a name! LOL! Once this third name was out, neither of us wanted the other person to not get his or her first choice so we decided to scrap both names and start again. None of the three names "felt right" anyways. We scoured baby name books and resorted to the internet and prayer. In God's Providence, we stumbled upon the name Truman and immediately loved the meaning: A faithful man. We also loved the nickname "Tru". So, only 5 days before Truman was born, we chose his name. The only problem with this was that since we had been set upon choosing one of the names from our list for so long, I was not used to the name "Truman" and for a few days after he was born, I would momentarily forget his name! Well, that and I was sleep deprived! LOL!

I don't want to go through that again. I want to have a name chosen long before this baby girl is born. We had Anna, Jonas, Elyse, and Semaiah's names chosen well over a few months before they were due. Katria and Haven were more last trimester decisions--well, Katria came 5 weeks early and was more of a last minute decision than any of them. But, we had her name picked out, it was just a toss-up between her name and a more "normal", safer name. We opted for the unique name. ;) Truman was truly an 11th hour pick.

I think the most difficult part of choosing a name for #8 is trying to figure out if it "matches" our other name choices. What is our naming style? Some people go for more modern choices, some for old-fashioned classics, and some for names with a unique flair. So, we have to decide if a name "fits" our style--whatever that is. Second, we have to choose a name that is not too similar to the names we already have. We also have to choose a name that we can live with, that won't get tired or dated. Lastly, I always feel a need to consider my friends' choices and how it will affect them if we choose the same name. My problem is that as soon as a friend has a baby and I hear the name, I instantly think: "Oh, that's such a great name! I love that name!", even though it wasn't on my list the previous day. Does anyone else do this?

Here are some of my favorites that have been vetoed: Amelia (love this, Cameron doesn't), Eloise (too close to Elyse), Josephine (too close to Jonas), Vivienne (a friend's little girl in our church has this name), Harper (after Harper Lee who wrote "To Kill a Mockingbird" and Nan Harper who was a Christian woman who survived the Titanic. This is also my mother-in-law's favorite girl name) and (don't laugh) Honora (pronounced Ah-Nora). I think it is pretty.

I am purposely keeping silent about the 2 choices that are our running favorites. We have learned the hard way to keep a secret so that other's opinions do not sway us. Well-meaning folks like to give their opinion prior to the birth, but cannot say anything after. I can even be swayed by someone's silence! LOL! If I tell someone our choices and they just nod their head, I think, "They hate it! Are they hearing something that I don't hear?" Eventually, though, I fall in love with a name so much that I don't care what other people think.

However, I am still taking suggestions because it is fun and because we have not decided anything yet! And because I change my mind just about every week! Nothing is set in stone until we sign the birth certificate, right? :) What are your favorites and why? Also, what is popular right now? Too popular? In the dr.'s waiting room today I heard the names Ava, Asher, and Emily. Cameron has told me that he has delivered quite a few babies named Lucas, Alexander, and recently two Anna's! He and the children have this game going on in which the day after he is on-call, they guess how many babies he delivered. Then, they guess whether the babies were boys or girls. Then, all my girls want to know the names. Cameron used to not remember, but he has since learned that he is going to be asked and had better know! LOL!

Any more suggestions?

In Christ, Laura


Tara said...

okay, i'm going to chime in, laura! we had a baby girl 9 months ago and named her Zoe Mae. Zoe means "life" and we just LOVE her name. so i'm voting for zoe because it has a great meaning, is somewhat unique, but has an old-fashion flair to it also (like your other names).


Emily said...

I love hearing about this. It makes me feel less crazy. I totally lose it when it is time to pick a name and my husband (kinda sounds like yours) gets tired of the conversation pretty quickly. Can't say I blame him, as I do get a bit obsessive! ;) I totally understand your reasons behind swaying away from Josephine, and I don't know if you guys "do" nick names, but I think Josie would be absolutely adorable for a nick name. But honestly, they are all really sweet and pretty names that I do think would flow well with your other childrens' names. (I know I'm a lot of help, right?)

Here is a post I wrote last year before we found out #5 was a girl about how I go crazy when it comes to naming babies. You aren't alone! ;)

Tim and Adri said...

You're on a roll--I loved the kids cooking post. My favorite girl name is Anna and you already have one, so next up is Amelia (which is vetoed--but also Pearl and Ruby! :) My favorite on your list is Honora--very pretty! My two older boys named both Joel and Sarah. I would never have picked the name Sarah (too common) but they were not budging. My husband joined their side and the rest is history...(I love her name now--no matter how common)! :) Have fun deciding, so exciting!

Sarah Painter said...

two things-

i like harper, although it has become popular, if that is a problem.

what about Piper?


Charlotte? and call her Charlie? or Lottie?

laura mouro said...

Well, as of right now, Cameron has a name picked and is not swaying--in a good way! He is decisive, I am fickle! LOL! I really like what we have picked, but also nervous that I will change my mind and he won't. What it really means is that I still want to talk about it! LOL! No middle name yet. But, nothing is settled.

laura mouro said...

Adri, I like Pearl and Cameron looked at me like I was crazy! LOL! He does not like Amelia. I have suggested this name every time. He thinks it is too hard to say! LOL! I love it! Tara, we considered Zoe if Tru had been a girl. I love the meaning!

Josie/Josephine are too close to Jonas, otherwise it would be a consideration.

Sarah, Yes, I think Harper is popular. Not sure about Charlotte or Beatrice (have a good friend with a Beatrix), but Cameron won't go for Piper--he wants our girl's names to be decidedly feminine, thus Harper is out.

It is hard choosing a name when two people have to agree! LOL!

Beth said...

Hi Laura,

Since I'm pregnant with a girl too, I'll share as well! We have actually picked Amelia for our baby. It kind of came out of the blue but we both really like it. But before we settled on Amelia, here are the other girl names we considered:

Laura, Lucy, Leah, Cecilia, and Clara.

Obviously you wouldn't choose Laura because that's your name :) I think we decided against Laura because my husband knew a lot of Lauras growing up, so didn't seem like a unique name to him. Lucy was way up there for a while, but then some friends used it for their baby. Decided against Leah because we didn't like the meaning. I was really pulling for Cecilia because of Saint Cecilia, but my husband said that saying it made him feel like he was on a roller coaster. I forget why we decided against Clara. Maybe it was because we felt like everyone would end up calling her Claire instead (another name I like a lot too).

laura mouro said...

Beth, that is so funny that your husband said saying "Cecelia" made him feel like he was on a roller coaster! My husband said that saying Amelia sounded like he swallowed a fork! They are too funny!

I am jealous that you are using Amelia! I have always loved that name--ever since I was a child and read a biography on Amelia Earhart. I just fell in love with the name. I have been pushing for it for the last 4 girls (plus this one) and it is shot down everytime!

Naming is such an individual and personal matter, huh?

I tend to like names that none of my friends have and that I haven't heard in a long time (except for Anna, and I guess Elyse is not too unique). Makes it really hard.

emily said...

How about this? Spell it with an E...Emelia and give her the nick name Emmy, then Cameron never need say her full name. ha! Sounds a bit complicated though :)

p.s I love talking baby names too and LOVE different and unique names. I think you had mentioned the name Sage once upon a blue moon.
We still love the name Poppy and got all kinds of crazy reactions when we announced it. Don't blame you for keeping your top names quiet. We played it safe with our boy's name but it was a family name and very classic.
Can't wait to hear your little girl's name when she's born :)

laura mouro said...

Emily, I like Emelia, too! So pretty

Sarah Painter said...

when we named the twins i was the same way i wanted the girl to be obviously girly and the boy to be obviously boyish. So we named them Henry and Mary Catherine, no confusion there.

if he's not budging then you might be having this convo for naught... :)

Sarah said...

We named our daughter Emelia because we wanted to call her Emma, or Emmy. I liked that it was more original than Amelia. Glad to hear I am not the only one that keeps names a secret so other people do not judge it!

Stacy said...

There were so many girl names that I adored but couldn't choose just one, so I gave my husband a list of my favorites and let him choose the name he liked the best!

Lisa H. said...

Hi, Laura!

I lost my blog list when my computer crashed and hadn't read your blog for a while....I found it last week right as you announced you were having a girl! I'm so happy for you!

I always love the baby name discussion, so I can't resist a post. How about Felecity, Verity , or Charis? Lucia or Gemma?

My daughters are Victoria (19), Eliza (10), Mary-Gemma, and Luisa (4) I have one more girls name that "fits" for me and then I think I'll be done! But we'll see what God has! :o)

Lisa H.

laura mouro said...


I LOVE Luisa! LOVE it. This is one of my favorite names (shhh!) I also love Charis, Felicity (a good friend used this name for her sweet girl), and Verity. We actually talked about Verity because it means truth, but Truman and Verity? I don't know! LOL! Both mean true! Lucia is also pretty, but I am afraid of how to pronounce it--Lu-sha or Lu-see-a. I friend of college pronounced it Lu-sha. I did have an aunt named Lucille.

Keep 'em comin'!

summermacdonald said...

We almost named our last baby Honora. I think it is beautiful! But I think whatever you choose will be great.

laura mouro said...

Summer, you like Honora, too?! Isn't it lovely? I love the meaning, as well how it sounds. Cameron said, "Ah-nora? Ah-noying!" LOL! Guess it's a no-go.

Jenny said...

Hi Laura,

ah I think I still remember when you aksed this for Semaiah ;-) anyway still like like at that time Maria (speak Ma -ree-a, like in the musical West Side Story not like Mariah Carey), or with a little changing, Marla or Malia.
Lucia definitely Lu-see-a! My cousin's name is Zoey (with the "y" at the end)
For Amelia how about Amely? Or in adition to Emely I just read Emery.
Other names I like:
Ida (here and in Sweden we speak "I" like in -see-)
Dana (!!!)

Oh another idea, just came in my mind...each of your children has got a different letter at the beginning of their name. Perhaps it is a help or idea to keep this up and cut out all names with a letter that you already have used?

Erin said...

Hi Laura. I just got back on the blog and couldn't resist adding my ideas..I do love to talk about baby names too! My daughter's name is Genevieve Joy. I love them both and would suggest Joy as a first name. Or how about Eve or Eva? I also like an old family name, Coral. That's all I got (lol)...I do love the name Annalise as well, but you have an Anna already.

laura mouro said...

Erin, I like Eve and Eva, but that is my niece's name! :) We have 4 names on our list now, but Cameron has a favorite (so I guess you could say I have 4 names on my list and he has one!!) and we are pretty sure that is what it will be! We usually wait until the baby is born to announce the name, but I am just bursting! LOL! Gotta leave something for a surprise, right? I just don't want anyone to talk us out of it.