Thursday, October 20, 2011

Being Pro-Life

~I wrote this last March and just got around to posting it. It has been heavy on my heart lately.

I was listening to a sermon today by Douglas Wilson while I was flipping pancakes for breakfast and I got all fired up! He was preaching on Mark 9 and he made some amazing connections in the passage that I have failed to see in the past. I love when we can see these connections, a deeper purpose underlying the obvious on the surface.

Wilson pointed out how the demon that possessed the little boy had tried to kill the child by throwing him into water and fire. In just a few short passages, Jesus tells the disciple that anyone who leads a little one astray, it would be better for a millstone to be tied around his neck and for him to drown or to burn in fire. Water and Fire--see the connection? Wilson also pointed out that Satan hates children, attacks children, is anti-child, and anti-life. This is absolutely wicked. Most Christians would agree. However, while most Christians would agree that abortion is wrong, I would contest that many are not totally pro-life, for an anti-child, anti-life attitude permeates even the modern church. First, many Christians, who claim to be pro-life, will compromise this belief and vote for a pro-choice political candidate because of another issue. I ask what issue trumps life? If God is the Author and Creator of life, LIFE, than what political issue trumps life? None. Life is more important, much more important, than ANY other issue, hands down. In addition, many Christians are regularly limiting their family size through means that may actually cause abortions!

Being pro-life is NOT simply being anti-abortion. Being pro-life is being PRO-LIFE!! It means submitting your will to God and accepting HIS plan for your life, your body a living sacrifice, and not telling Him your plan and telling Him he will have to overrule it! God is not necessarily going to give you a dozen children! He may not even give you one more child! Yet, it is not about having a ton of children! It is about obedience in our hearts. It is about our hearts loving what God loves. God is not going to give you another child and then not provide for him or her! When we take a step of faith in obedience, God will bless this! There is NOTHING more rewarding in this life that we can invest in than raising godly children--nothing else will last past our life--not a career, possessions, our "social" work projects--but an eternal soul will, and it is worth a lifetime of investment.

I am so passionate about this, and becoming more so the older I get, as well as more outspoken. However, I do bite my tongue SO much, not just with strangers, but also with friends. I hear excuses everywhere I go and I am not even the one who brings it up. People must feel convicted to start telling me, when I don't even ask, why they stopped having children. You see, when you embrace LIFE, you are a walking billboard for the gospel! It used to bother me that people stare at us wherever we go. Yes, I have gotten used to it, but I have also learned that I have to die to myself in order to obey the Lord, embrace life, and point to Him. It is not about me, it is about Him.

I am saddened when I hear Christian women talking about children just like the world. There is often no difference. There is no love of life. Life is a burden--another mouth to feed, another bottom to wipe, more sleepless nights, stretch marks, a burden. So many women say that they want to be able to spend individual time with the children they have, that if they have more they won't be able to be a good mother. But, how do you know this? Aren't these excuses based on fear? How is that any different from the world? My exhortation to you is to choose LIFE--embrace your fertility before it is too late. There is an end to it. And if that is not an option for you, choose adoption. Choose to embrace that which God has embraced and even if you are no destroyer of life as the demons were who attempted to kill the little boy, you may not really be totally pro-life. Being pro-life is not the same as anti-abortion. Being pro-life means embracing and loving life!

In Christ, Laura


Mama D.'s Dozen said...


LOVE it!

Well said!

Women have told me, "I'm not patient enough to have a larger family." My response, "I probably prayed for patience and the Lord gave me all of these kids to teach me."

Women have told me, "We could never afford another child ... while buying a new car or moving into a fancier house." My response, "It is all about priorities. I would rather live in a very small house with a large family, than a large house with a small family." (We lived in a 1400 sq. ft. house with 7 children.)

I am so very tired of the excuses ... which are really excuses to not honor God with our bodies ... to not submit to His will ... to not choose LIFE.


Beth said...

Laura, this is a really well-timed post, as for us Catholics, October is Respect Life Month.

I agree with you, being pro-life is not just about being anti-abortion. It is about loving and defending all life, from conception to natural death and everything in between. This means that if we are pro-life, we are also against the death penalty. Also, we have to be careful about decisions regarding taking a sick person off life-support. I think it also includes being environmentally responsible, by not dumping things into our environment that could harm either humans or other animals. It's about loving and taking care of our pets. It's also about honoring our own bodies and the bodies of our families by practicing good health and nutrition: no smoking, only consuming alcohol in moderation, exercising regularly, eating healthy foods, etc.

But you're right, usually the pro-life issue gets centered around abortion. Personally, I think that if more people learned about what happens during prenatal development or read all the fine print about their birth control methods, some of their hearts might change. This is a quote from my Embryology textbook from one of my classes in college: "Human development begins at fertilization," and, "The zygote and early embryo are living human organisms." I have no idea what the personal opinions are of these textbook authors, but I think they hit the nail on the head.

Speaking of limiting family size, here is one that saddens my heart. My grad school advisor (a Christian man) had a vasectomy after his 3rd child was born. When I said, "So you don't want any more kids," he said, "Beth, I would love to have more kids, but the careers of my wife and me just don't make it possible." The unfortunate thing is that most of our Christian friends have a similar mindset about their family size, or they give all the reasons that you and previous comments have mentioned. It's so shallow and sad.

laura mouro said...

Laurel, Women also say the same thing to me about being patient! LOL! I tell them that having all of these children HAS MADE me patient! :)

And we intentionally chose a smaller house when we bought this one--just because we have a big family does not mean we need a big house!

Beth, VERY well said! Thank you so much for your comment. I LOVE the Catholic stance on pro-life. It is right on. My husband and I think that Protestants have let the ball drop in this area and it is so sad. It has become an individual's personal choice instead of being preached from the pulpit as a universal mind-set that all those in Christ should embrace being pro-life!

Lauren @ Magnify the Lord with Me said...

FABULOUS post, Laura!! Absolutely true. The main thing that draws me to your blog is your openness to life and your adoption story! As an infertile woman, it makes me positively ill to hear women talk about their fertility as if it's a disease and their children as if they're main objective in life is to annoy and impose on Mom. At a spouses' function last month (my husband is military) while introducing ourselves, almost every woman included which child they "should" have stopped with. It grieved my heart. When it was my turn, I mentioned I wished I could have a hundred more of my precious Abigail!

I think you'd get a kick out of this post that my dear friend Leila wrote this week. Why I should never have had eight children! It speaks to mama D.'s Dozen's comment.

A.Francis said...

I agree with you completely Laura but what do you suggest when I have a husband that will not trust that the Lord will provide?

laura mouro said...

Pray for him, but don't nag him. The Lord knows your heart. Be faithful in what God has given you, joyfully. Many husbands don't want more children, even when a wife does, because he hears her complaining about what she already has--so why would he want more? Even if your husband never changes his mind, the Lord sees your heart and it glorifies Him for being a heart that loves what He loves--that seeks to honor Him, but also sumbit to your husband. :) God is so good and He works in such amazing ways--wait on Him and seek Him, finding fullfillment in Him alone.

In Christ, Laura

Catherine said...

In the summer of 2010, you wrote a post about letting God decide how many children every family is to have. My husband and I had been going back and forth about having a third child, and after reading your post, we decided to leave it up to God. A month later I was pregnant with our third child. We named him John Emmett and are completely in love with this little boy who is now three months old. Eventhough I do not know you, I will be eternally grateful to you for writing this inspiring post about God's hand in the size of our family.

laura mouro said...

Oh Catherine, Congratulations! Aren't they such sweet blessings? Thank you for sharing this, for it encourages me to continue to share what God has put on my heart. However, I am just the instrument God used to show you what He wanted you to do, how he wanted to bless you. I am just humbled that I was used by Him to be part of His plan. Really, it was Him! :) He is so good!

In Christ, Laura