Saturday, August 15, 2009

Katria is 5!

I forgot to mention that Katria turned 5! Her birthday was the 4th of August and Jonas' is tomorrow! I better post some pictures before I get too far behind! We have Elyse's next month and Haven's 2 weeks after that!

Here are some shots from her birthday:

These first two shots are from her "tea party" birthday party Katria had with her sisters and friends from Sunday School the Saturday before her birthday. We had tea, cookies, cake and finger sandwiches--cucumbers and cream cheese and nutella and strawberries.

This is Katria opening her doll from Vision Forum. We got Anna and Abbie a doll from there on their 5th birthday's as well. Very special. Katria was so excited!

Katria sporting the sling my mom made her.

Katria's birthday dinner. My mother-in-law flew down for her birthday (and for a visit to meet Semaiah!). Our friend, Cliff, is also in the picture. Katria requested pizza for her birthday dinner.

In Christ, Laura


Anonymous said...

Wow! I can't believe she's five! They grow up so fast. Happy Birthday Katria! -Kathy

Jenny said...

How cute the pictures are! Birthdays are always the best when you are so young, it is so exciting! I had to smile that Haven is sitting on the table (to see enough?) :-) And how kind of Jonas and Abbie to help Katria opening the huge box.

Z' Hodges said...

That's sweet. I love you guys!