Thursday, August 27, 2009

Been Too Busy to Blog

This past week has been busy! Here is a quick re-cap:

Semaiah, after her shots last week, either got sick or had a bad reaction to her shots, or both. To make a long story short, we ended up in the ER with her last Thursday where we spent all day ruling out a bunch of scary stuff! My really content and calm baby was an inconsolable crying mess with a rash from head to toe. The drs. said it was most likely a virus, although the initial fever and fussiness was probably attributable to the vaccinations. Haven came down with similar symptoms last weekend so a diagnosis of a virus is not unlikely. However, I think we will be waiting on her 4 month shots.

Katria had her 5 year clubfoot appointment on Monday and her foot looks great! We are rejoicing that her foot has not had another relapse and she no longer has to wear her Ponseti brace-shoes.

We started school last week and our new curriculum--Tapestry of Grace--this week. We have been busy! The kids absolutely love this new curriculum and they especially like the time period we are studying: the Twentieth Century. Anna LOVES any history and Jonas right now is a little obsessed with Iwo Jima. I don't know why. One neat thing is that on the Jonathan Park cds, volume 4, the first disc is all about Iwo Jima! Jonas listened to it once on Monday and twice on Tuesday! If you don't have these cds, put out by Vision Forum, I highly recommend them. They are all on creation science and the Biblical and scientific evidence against evoultion set in adventure stories. We also have all these great Time Life and Reader's Digest books my mom gave us that are all on the Twentieth century--fashion, inventions, wars, presidents, politics, etc.

So . . . that is basically it!


Laurel said...

We're going to use a new curriculum this year ... we're jumping into Sonlight next month. Looking forward to lots of good reading.

mama of 13

MomInTheTrench said...

We just started school this week. . .Sonlight again. I hear TOG is great. I can't take time for the learning curve of a new curriculum though. Would love to hear how you are liking it later in the year.

The vaccinations. . .they scare me. I'm scared to NOT get them. What if my baby gets sick and dies of something preventable? I'm scared TO get them as well. What if the suspension agents (or whatever they are called) do cause harm? We did the first shots in the hospital and that has been it so far, and our baby is 22 months. We might get them later. I don't know. It is such a difficult topic. I pray that you guys (and us!) have peace about it.

Happy schooling!

Kami said...

I've been wondering about Jonathan Park. What ages is it good for? I'm glad to know they're really good!

laura mouro said...

We did Sonlight this past year and really enjoyed it. Many families in our church use ToG, and there is even a co-op, so we decided to give it a try. We aren't doing the co-op this year, but maybe in coming years.

Kami, Jonathan Park is for older kids--maybe 5 or 6 at the youngest? Jonas is 7 and is really into them now, but my kids started to listen to them when Anna was 5 and Jonas 4. They really are great and even grown-ups can enjoy them and learn from them! I will put them on in the car for the kids and then turn to talk to Cameron and he will be too engrossed in the story to have a conversation! LOL


Christine said...

Poor baby-- I know how painful shots can be. Our Alex had a huge welt for a week after his MMR shot and boy was it painful for him.

Anonymous said...

hmm... really like this style :)