Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fairness in Parenting?

I am just FULL of posts today! See what happens when you don't do homeschool and your older children are all out playing in the snow and your little ones are napping! I read this and thought it was FANTASTIC! It encouraged me--a mother of 6, soon to be 7, from a mother of 14, soon to be 15!

It is a post full of wisdom in today's society that is full of "fairness" in parenting and parents who are afraid to have a large family because they may not be able to give equally to each child. Why don't we instead see the benefits gained by having many children, many siblings? The benefits are not only for us, their parents, who are sanctified through these many blessings, but it is for them! I would much rather my children get less stuff amd more opportunities to learn to love, share, and forgive. I would much rather my children have less extra-curricular activities, vacations, and social commitments than what they gain from having so many of one another around! I am just being honest.

It is amazing to sit around our table every night at dinner with all these different personalities with all their different dreams, desires and talents and watch them interact with one another. It is fun to imagine the future with them as teens, and then young adults with their own families. It IS difficult at times, but I can't emphasize enough how worth it it is! It IS truly a blessing to have a large family. If "fairness" is your stumbling block to having more children, than read this woman's wisdom and find peace.

In Christ, Laura


Christine said...

All in favor, say AYE!

Anonymous said...

i don't have patience & I quickly learned that as Mel grew older. It takes someone special to be a mother of many. but i don't anyone should do it


laura mouro said...

Hey Trisha! It is good to hear from you!

I agree that God will not give everyone a large family, doesn't call everyone to it, for sure. However, I think that God will give us whatever we need to parent the children He gives us. I am lacking in SO many areas (patience is one of them :), but I know that God can produce that in me as I obey Him and seek that fruit of the Spirit.

I miss you and I am sure Mel is getting huge! We got snow today and I am sure it is NOTHING compared to what you guys have!

In Christ, Laura

Becky said...

I come from a big family too... I'm the oldest of six! One of my favorite memories as a child is having dinner as a family. We grew up not having a lot, but we sure love and been loved. Also, their is always room for one more child. God provides no matter what!! Plus, my family found out I was starting a family at the dinner table. Now their is a story...LOL
Amen(so be it)