Saturday, August 16, 2008

Jonas Turns 6!

We have officially entered "birthday season" in the Mouro house. From the beginning of August until mid-October we have 5 birthdays--Katria, Jonas, Elyse, then Haven and finally me. It is so much fun to celebrate so many birthdays--just one of the "perks" of having a large family. Birthdays are a big deal in our house simply because there are so many of them to celebrate!

Today we celebrated Jonas' birthday. We enjoyed the day by going swimming at a pool at a local country club with the sons of our pastors at church. The kids enjoyed the slide, diving board and playing with daddy. I mainly stayed in the "kiddie" pool, or as Elyse likes to call it--the "kiddie cat" pool--with our younger girls.

Following a brief rest time at home, Jonas opened his presents and then we had our traditional Mouro birthday dinner. Two family friends from church joined us for the festivities. The children each get to choose their dinner and dessert on their birthday. Jonas chose "Lizon lasagna", a recipe given to us by my mom, grandma Lizon--hence the name. It is Jonas' favorite. For dessert, Jonas had a homemade ice cream cake. It was a hit, and a new favorite! After dinner, we continued our tradition of sharing a favorite memory about the birthday person and what we most appreciate about him or her. There was no loss for words as each of our children shared how Jonas was special to them. He is truly our peacemaker. For example, Jonas wanted Jerome to open one of his presents today so that Jerome would not feel left out. He wanted me to go with him for his birthday breakfast because daddy took him last year and he did not want me to feel left out. He thanked everyone for his presents, complimented my dinner, and included everyone in the fun. None of the selfishness that birthdays can produce in children was visible in Jonas today--just a sincerely thankful heart.

With Jonas, there is not much that isn't lovable. He has such a tender heart and gentle spirit. He is loving, kind and generous. This boy has such a heart for the Lord, for God's word, for prayer, for others. Today, I was reflecting back on the past 6 years and marveling at what God has done. I was thanking God for such an amazing son. I feel so blessed to have this little guy in my life. I remember when I found out I was pregnant with Jonas I cried because Anna was only 11 months old and I was nervous to have 2 babies so close in age. Then, as a baby, Jonas had a rough start. He was sick most of the first year of his life with asthma. He was hospitalized at 7 months for RSV and was constantly needing breathing treatments or steroids. He developed a cough at 4 weeks of age that did not leave until he was put on an inhaled steroid twice a day (the cough finally left when he was 11 months old), and he stopped gaining weight. As a baby, Jonas would not let anyone hold him but me. It was pretty rough, but when I look at the godly boy he has become, I know that every trial was worth it. I am so proud of him.

My musings made me realize that babyhood, even with difficult babies, is so short, yet the reward is so great. I know that if God ever chooses to give us another baby, even the difficult parts of pregnancy and infancy will one day be worth it because I can look at Jonas, now a 6 year-old, and see what God has done.

However, instead of getting to stay up late with daddy, and play with his new toys on this special day, Jonas settled for spending some time with me watching the Olympics online, because Cameron is at the E.R. right now with Elyse. Elyse has a cold, but she also has asthma. She started to wheeze earlier today and no amount of albuterol helped. Right around bedtime, we realized that she needed some extra help. She is at the hospital receiving higher doses of meds and a round of steroids. Jonas understood because he also has asthma, but he is disappointed. I know that it was not how he anticipated his birthday ending, but he is looking forward to tomorrow, when he can spend his day playing with his new toys with daddy.

Here are some pictures from today:

Jonas opening Grandma and Papa Mouro's gift. He is really into baseball right now. Can you tell?

Anna bought Jonas this book for his birthday.

In Christ, Laura


Jen said...

Cute pictures! I really like how you guys celebrate birthdays. It's a neat tradition to have everyone share a special memory about the birthday person. I'll keep that in mind if I ever have kids. Another special tradition I learned from some German missionaries in Sudan is to read the Psalm that corresponds to the birthday person's age (e.g. for Jonas you would read Psalm 6). I also like how you've been writing your own special memories of your kids when their birthdays come along. Thanks for sharing.

Nikki said...

Happy birthday Jonas!