Monday, August 11, 2008

Been Busy

Last week, we started home school with all of our new curriculum, so it has been very busy. This week, my mother-in-law is in town and we are enjoying one another's company, and some cooler weather. Last night, we took the three oldest children to a ball game. We had a great time. It was Jerome's first time at a sporting event and the highlight of my night was watching him take it all in. He had so many questions! There are so many "firsts" that we get to experience with our adopted children. We may have missed out on their first steps, their first words, their first smile, but we get to experience their first taste of many foods, the first words they will learn to read, their first experience with birthdays, Christmas, and family vacations, and one day, Lord willing, their first taste of Christ as they accept Him as their Savior and ask Him into their hearts. It is just as exciting to witness these "firsts" with them as it is to see Haven take her first steps (soon, very soon for this 10 month-old!). Honestly, it is very rewarding to adopt an older child. All of the difficulties involved are worth it!

I promise I will post some pictures soon--if I ever find the time.

In Christ, Laura


The Hodges Family said...

Have fun with the family. Zinnada<><

Kami said...

I was wondering ab you, Laura. 6 days and no blogging?! I'm glad all is well. :)

Anonymous said...

Laura - The baseball game? We were there too! How wet to you all get? :-) We had to leave just after the 7th inning stretch though - we actually had a request for bedtime! -Kathy

Heather said...

Missing you in blogging world. However, I understand. Nursing is giving me the extra time to read these blogs. I hope school is going good.