Wednesday, December 19, 2007

On a Different Subject . . .

Here are a few highlights from our family life this week:

Today, Katria was playing with my hair while I read a book to her, Elyse, and Jonas. She told me that she had to run and get something and when she came back, I felt a comb running through my hair. A few minutes later she announced that she had to go get something again. When she came back, I assumed she had brought some barrettes to put in my hair. Well, I felt this tugging on my hair and heard this peculiar noise . . . I turned around and she had a pair of kid's scissors and was attempting to cut my hair!!! I think I caught her in time, but I really haven't checked the back of my hair yet!

Yesterday morning, Anna overheard Cameron and I discussing the amount of money we have left to pay for travel expenses for our adoption. A few minutes later, she handed me an envelope with "1$" written on it. Inside was a bunch of change. She said that she wanted to help with the adoption. She was so sincere that it was so sweet. A few hours later, Jonas was putting on his coat to go play outside, he reached in his pocket and found a dollar bill! Where did that come from? I wish that would happen to me sometime! Anyway, he handed it to me and told me that he wanted to give it for the adoption. I asked if he was sure and told him he could use it for Christmas presents. He told me that this was a Christmas present--bringing them home. It was so touching to see their generosity when usually they talk of what they would like to buy with their savings.

The kids have been enjoying the displays of Christmas lights. We have moved to the northern part of our city and although we are out in the country so many more houses are decorated than where we used to live. We visited one house that was so decked out that the lights blinked in time to the Christmas music on a radio station that you tuned into in the car!! A few years ago, we started the tradition of saying "Merry Christmas!" everytime we see Christmas lights. Well, this was when we only had 2 children! Now, we have 4 talkers and it gets pretty noisy when we are driving anywhere! There is a constant chorus of "Merry Christmas!" shouted in our van for the duration of our trip! And then there is Elyse in her sweet high voice saying, "Merry Christmas to AWWWLLLL!!"

Anna made all of her Christmas presents this year. The girls have a rather large closet and she has turned it into her little "workshop". Cameron and I have been pretty impressed with her because she started making her presents back in October and was done with them before we even bought one present! She has been working so hard. And she is so serious! For several hours a day she would disappear into her closet to work. She has made presents for everyone, including her grandparents and her aunt and uncle that will be here for Christmas. The only exception is Cameron. She had to buy him a present and I will tell you why . . . One day, she told me what she was making him and I had to break it to her that it wasn't going to work. I just didn't want her little heart broken when Cameron didn't wear his present. She was making him slippers . . . out of cardboard! She had cut out pieces for the bottom of his feet, but couldn't figure out a way to attach them to his feet so he could walk in them!! Trying to keep a straight face as I pictured Cameron in these, I asked her how did she know what size he wore. Her little face fell and she told me she didn't think it was going to work. However, I suggested several items that daddy needed and she bought one of those things--and I can't tell you what it is because someone may be snooping here. He is just going to have to wait and see on Christmas morning!

Now, if anyone has any suggestions for how to maintain the chaos of gift unwrapping on Christmas morning, please leave it in the comments. We are tossing around several ideas--

We are looking forward to Christmas with my parents and the traditional pierogi dinner we have enjoyed since I was a child. Yes, we still do have ham, but that is just a side dish compared to our homemade pierogi! You see, my family is Polish and my grandma made pierogi every year for Christmas. My aunt carried on the tradition when my grandma passed away. Since we haven't been "home" for Christmas in Michigan for 5 years, we haven't had pierogi. This year, my mom made some. I hope they are as good as grandma's!

We are enjoying all of the Christmas preparations and we are looking forward (God willing) to having Jerome and Ruth join our family for Christmas. Now if we could only have a white Christmas . . .

In Christ, Laura

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MamaPPod said...

Laura, as far as reining in the "unwrapping chaos", maybe you could try this idea. When I was growing up, in a family of six kids, we always opened our gifts one at a time. One year it went oldest to youngest; the next, youngest to oldest. It helped that my mother was sort of obsessive about everyone having the same number of gifts to open. But this way we could ALL see what each person's gift was, and enjoy and admire it with them. We have continued this tradition in our home, with our own six kids. And no one has complained yet :) Patty in Chicago