Friday, December 28, 2007

Good Day.

Today, I had to go out with all 7 kids (by myself) to have Ruth and Jerome's TB test read and to get Elyse's medicine. Cameron was supposed to get the medicine last night, but he was in surgery all day and didn't get home until 9:30 last night!

So . . . me and all 7 kids, 4 of them sick, on an outing. To say that I was dreading it is an understatement. But, it went surprisingly well! The doctor's visit was quick and painless. TB tests are negative. Then we headed to the pharmacy. The kids were obedient and quiet. So far so good! Next, we stopped at Chick-fil-A (we were in University Mall) and I told the kids we would grab lunch and eat it in the car on the way home. It wasn't too busy, though, and the kids were so well behaved that we decided to eat there. I was so impressed by their behavior! One woman told me that I must be a superwoman--if she only knew! Another woman came up and asked me lots and lots of questions. It made me a little uncomfortable. I know she was just trying to be nice, but I really felt like we were on display. What do I expect, right? Then, the man in the booth behind us told us that our family was beautiful and was so kind. When he left, he handed me something and said "I want to pay for your lunch." I thanked him and he and his wife left. What a blessing! I can't take the credit for the children's good behavior--they deserve it all. They not only blessed others on our outing they blessed me! God sent encouragment my way today just when I needed it! I have been on an emotional roller coaster this week, but today has been good.

Here are some of the little things that have happened this week--some have made me smile and some . . . haven't :)

--Ruthie likes to turn on all the lights. All day. Everywhere I go, I am turning off lights!
--Ruthie is also repeating things we say now. We watched an episode of Little House on the Prairie today and she repeated every line they said in perfect English. She also repeats me. I think she is trying to learn our way of saying things. I can understand her a lot better now. Of course, when her and Jerome talk they lapse back into Liberian English and I can't understand a word. My brother tried to convince me that I was wrong--that they didn't speak English, but a different language--it is that indecipherable!
--Jerome likes to be a helper. He helped my brother take all their bags to the car, he cleans up the playroom, he brought the garbage bin in from the road. And, he is learning to hold the door open for his many sisters and mama.
--Jerome learned what a drinking fountain is today. It was so funny. He was looking at it and I told him to push the bar on the front. You should have seen the look on his face when water squirted out! He tried to drink with his mouth wide open!
--Ruthie squatted to pee-pee in our yard yesterday! (sshhh!)

In Christ, Laura


Ginny said...

I checked in out of habit, not expecting a post. You are so brave taking everyone out on your own so soon, and I am so glad to hear how well the day went.

Mark said...

That's a beautiful story. God sheds his grace in unexpected, but powerful ways! I wouldn't have looked for His power at work in children's behavior while shopping. But what a blessing! God is good all the time.

Erica said...

There is such an adjustment when a family expands, whether with a newborn or otherwise. God's blessings are on you and I am glad it was so visible to you. Hang in there girl!! I admire you!!!

Jen said...

So I'm going through your posts from the beginning to catch up on the whole adoption story. Your last line about Ruth made me laugh. When I was teaching in Honduras, my students used to pee in the grass just outside our schoolroom since there was so much grass on the way to the outhouse and we were never sure what lived in there. But I thought it was clear that only pee was allowed outside the door. One day I sent two of my girls out (one always liked to stand guard for the other), and I heard the one on guard say, "No, Miller! You can't poop there!" I sent her home to use a real toilet. But I always had visions of these kids moving back to North Carolina and just peeing wherever they wanted outside because they were so used to that in Honduras!